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Hello and welcome,

In 2020 I decide to regroup my 2 design activities on a single site. 

You will discover ikken studio if you already knew ikken deco.


"ikken" in Japanese means "at first glance" or "a house" according to the kanji that describes it. My renowned graphic design studio "ikken studio" takes up the notion of the gaze and my brand of decorative objects that of a house. 

ikken deco is an extension of ikken studio. The original idea was to apply a graphic design to an everyday object to make it more attractive or to design posters and have them printed.

Then, as time goes by, I explore wood and paper work and I open up to skills such as wood engraving or the Japanese printmaking technique. Enthusiastic about these techniques, I then orientate my collection more and more towards handcrafted creations, made with my own hands. 

For ikken déco, I select simple, quality materials and I pay the greatest attention to details & finishes. I like the idea that this attention is the mark of my consideration.


You can find my creations in a few pretty retail shops here and there. If you are a professional interested in my work, do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you and enjoy your visit! Céline

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